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new mv shooting? siwan blonde hair? *-*

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ZE:A 4U - Oops~!!! (Apusa~!!!)

Red-haired leaders ♥

See only JunYoung and N~ Sera???

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What brought me to VIXX ~~~

I knew about kpop since 2009 and I only like ZE:A, after that is Star Empire Ent (9M, Jewelry, SoReal, etc). Then rookie keep debuting and debuting (and I’m tired from remembering their name) so I sweared to myself not to like any more group. So what brought me to VIXX ???

1. Park Hyo Shin

I like ZE:A

HyungSik in ZE:A

HyungSik’s idol is Park HyoShin

Park HyoShin’s in a same company with VIXX

=> ….

2. Ha Min Woo

V This tweet ~~~

3. Jewelry


and Baby J  

4. Nine Muses

Especially KyungRi. And her Ken-Ri, N-yungRi relationship (I made those neme :P)

^ Though It hurts me when watching ep 34, 35 T^T


Meet Ha MinWoo, He can hit anyone and get away with it every time u_u

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ZE:A’s Kevin dancing to Neighbors Know My Name + reactions

and then there’s VIXX’s Hongbin.

omfg hahaha why hongbin

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BTW ~ The first is SuJu